Swindon CCG is a partner with Swindon Borough Council in the local Health and Wellbeing Board. As such, we have signed up to a single vision for One Swindon.

Our vision is to ensure everyone in Swindon lives a healthy, safe, fulfilling and independent life and is supported by thriving and connected communities.

Our mission is to optimise the health of the people of Swindon.

We have six national priorities as set out within the most recent NHS reforms:

  • We must ensure that people are cared for in a safe environment protected from harm
  • We must invest in health promotion and healthcare services that prevent people from dying prematurely
  • We must commission local services that ensure people have a positive experience of care
  • We must invest in a better quality of life for those with long term conditions
  • We must invest in pathways of care that help quicker recovery from injury or ill-health
  • We must deliver value for money managing all our investment in local healthcare within the £235m per annum allocated to us