Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is pleased to announce the formal contract award for adult community health services to Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Delivery of the new contract for adult community health services in Swindon and Shrivenham will commence on 18 February 2017 and will run for a period of up to 5 years.

The decision was taken in partnership with Swindon Borough Council (SBC) and follows a robust and comprehensive re-procurement process.

Nicki Millin, Accountable Officer, SCCG, said:

“In 2015 the CCG and SBC started  a programme of engagement, review and soft market testing of adult community services whereby both organisations shared their vision for a new service model focusing on prevention, self-care, urgent care and discharge from hospital.

The engagement programme provided an opportunity for any member of public, carer or staff to take part. During the two months, approximately 400 people took part in the programme of events, providing a range of detailed feedback. This provided a picture of both staff and patient experience, ensuring that any final commissioning decision could identify how services should look in the future.

“At the CCG’s Governing Body meeting in January 2016 there was agreement to commission a different provider model which integrates acute and community pathways, incentivised to shift the emphasis of care to effective prevention and management of patients, particularly those with long term conditions and the frail elderly. 

“20 public representatives and subject matter experts were involved in evaluating the bidders.

“Following the formal procurement process the decision was made to formally award the contract for adult community health services to Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff at SEQOL for all their hard work and dedication in providing community services to the people of Swindon.  All organisations will now be working together on the safe transfer of services and staff from SEQOL to Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Nerissa Vaughan, Chief Executive, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“We already have a proven track record of providing good care at community level through our work in Wiltshire and we are committed to working with our colleagues across Swindon to provide the same high standard. 

“Having a single provider of both acute and community healthcare is great news for Swindon as it means we can join services together to make things easier for patients, regardless of whether they are being cared for in hospital, in their own home or elsewhere. 

“It also puts us in a unique position to be able to remove organisational barriers, which all too often cause delays in the healthcare system, and use the knowledge of new staff and patients to help us look at how we can deliver services differently in the future.”