Primary care networks were introduced in Swindon, as well as across the rest of the country, in July 2019 in a move to provide greater proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care. 

In its simplest terms, a primary care network is a group of GP practices working together across a defined area to support a population of between 30,000 and 50,000 people to access the right healthcare as and when they need it. 

By working together, practices can expect to reduce duplication and become more efficient which, in turn, should enable clinicians to have more resilience and more time for patients. 

Additionally, primary care networks will benefit whole populations as the new way of working will encourage clinicians to take a proactive approach to managing the collective health of a population by using the latest data to identify those at risk of illness, and then the most up-to-date technology to contact them before becoming unwell. 

Extra staff - such as clinical pharmacists, social prescribing link workers, physiotherapists, physician associates and paramedics - will be based in practices to support patients to get the help they need without delay. 

Click here to read more from NHS England on primary care networks. 


Primary care networks in Swindon

As of 1 September 2019, there are four established primary care networks in Swindon, comprising 17 of the town's 23 GP practices. 

The remaining six practices are not currently linked to an existing network.

Details of Swindon's primary care networks can be seen below.


Brunel Health Group 1

Practice name Number of registered patients
Westrop Medical Practice 14,733
Elm Tree Surgery 7,167
Ridgeway Family Practice 13,811
Total 35,711


Brunel Health Group 2

Practice name Number of registered patients
Victoria Cross Surgery 9,253
Great Western Surgery 5,463
Sparcells Surgery 4,687
Carfax NHS Medical Centre 14,610
Park Lane Practice 6,709
Total 40,722


Brunel Health Group 3

Practice name Number of registered patients
North Swindon Practice 15,211
Ashington House Surgery 10,689
Ridge Green Medical Centre 11,038
Total  36,938


Wyvern Health Partnership

Practice name Number of registered patients
Hawthorn Medical Centre 12,486
Kingswood Surgery 10,366
Merchiston Surgery 13,920
Old Town Surgery 8,810
Priory Road Medical Centre 8,919
Lawn Medical Centre 7,596
Total 62,097


Practices not currently linked to a network

Practice name Number of registered patients
Abbey Meads Medical Group 17,816
Moredon Medical Centre 12,157
Eldene Surgery 7,696
Phoenix Surgery 4,531
Taw Hill Medical Practice 12,650
Whalebridge Practice 12,523
Total 67,373