What We Do and Don't Fund

There are three policy types, namely:

Criteria Based Access - if a patient meets the criteria set out in the policy, then funding will be approved for this treatment

Prior Approval - for these procedures, the GP will need to request prior approval from the CCG before referring the patient for treatment.  The completed form and any supporting information should be sent electronically to: swiccg.priorapprovalswindonccg@nhs.net 

Intervention not normally funded (exceptional funding) - these procedures are not normally funded but if it is felt that a patient has an exceptional reason for requiring that treatment, then the GP can complete a form to request funding be considered on an individual basis. These cases will be considered by the Individual Funding Request Panel.   The completed form and any supporting information should be sent electronically to: Swindon.ifrrequests@nhs.net 

For the prior approval application forms, the patient demographics and patient information may be pasted in to a single box at the start of the form.  It is the complete set of information that is most important, rather than entering in to individual boxes.  



Acne Pulse Laser Dye Treatment *
Adenoidectomy *
Aesthetic Surgery
Assisted Conception Services
Bevacizumab *
Bobath Therapy *
Body Contouring
Breast - Cosmetic
Breast Augmentation Insertion of Implants *
Brow lift
Bunion Surgical Referral
Cannabinoids for Spasticity Associated with Multiple Sclerosis *
Carotid Artery Surgery *
Carpal Tunnel
Chronic fatigue syndrome or ME, residential treatment programmes *
Complimentary Medicines
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems for Type 1 diabetes *
Cough Assist Mechanical Insufflationexsufflation device (MI E) *
Ear Lobes
Epidural Injections for Lumbar Back Pain *
Excimer Laser Eye *
Facet Joint Injections for Back Pain *
Facial Procedures *
Fibroscan for Assessment of Hepatic Fibrosis *
Functional Electrical Stimulation for Drop Foot *
Grommets *
Haemorrhoids *
High Cost non-NICE Approved Pbr Excluded Medicines *
Interventions Not Covered by CCG Policy *
Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive in Secondary Care *
Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound *
Lung Volume Reduction Surgery in Emphysema *
Lycra Splinting for Paediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy Movement Disorders *
Lymphedema *
Micro suction
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity *
Non-specific Low Back Pain *
Occipital Nerve Stimulation *
Otitis Media with Effusion *
Primary Hip and Knee Replacement *
Psoriasis Fumaderm *
Ranibizumab *
Reversal of Sterilisation
Rhinosinusitis *
Rituximab for Non-Malignant Indications *
Sacral Nerve Stimulation Urinary Incontinence *
Skin, Subcutaneous and Other Procedures *
Surrogacy *
Tattoo removal
Thermal Radiofrequency Denervation *
Tongue Tie *
Trigger Finger
Varicose Veins *
Wigs, hairpieces