First-time dads in Swindon can now benefit from a new app that offers practical advice and guidance to help with the transition into fatherhood. 

The DadPad app, which can be downloaded on to most mobile devices, contains information on the common problems that most new parents struggle to get to grips with, such as nappy changing, breastfeeding and the best way to hold the baby.

Its aim is to give dads a helping hand during the first few weeks, so that they are in the best possible position to be there for their partner and newborn. 

Gill May, Executive Nurse at Swindon CCG, said: "Bringing up a baby should be one of life's most joyful experiences, which is why it's fantastic that fathers in Swindon now have a resource that can answer all the niggling questions that any first-time parent inevitably has.

"And with DadPad available on most handheld devices, fathers can have baby in one hand and what is essentially their own how-to-parent guide in the other." 

Also contained in the app is a wealth of information to help men get prepared before the arrival of their little one. 

Lucy Baker, Maternity Programme Director, said: "We've had lots of conversations with dads, who told us they want more information on how to care for babies, so they're able to be involved right from the start.

"The DadPad offers practical advice that can be accessed quickly and easily to help support dads in caring for their baby."

Download the DadPad from either the AppStore or Google Play.

More information can be found by visiting