A new drop-in service has launched in Swindon to help people living with diabetes get help, advice and information as and when they need it.

Without needing to make an appointment, patients can simply turn up to the clinic, which is held on a monthly basis at Eldene Health Centre, and discuss any aspect of their condition with a trusted diabetes expert.

It is the first time such a service has run in Swindon and the people behind the clinic hope it will become a popular and valuable resource to the thousands of people living with diabetes across the town.

Louise Golding, Advance Diabetes Dietician, said: “So far, there’s been one drop-in clinic and the response to that first session was really positive.

“Patients came armed with questions and queries and it was fantastic for us to be able to give them the information they were looking for straight away and on a one-to-one basis.

“Living with diabetes is far from straight-forward and many people – even those who have had the condition for several years – will often find something new that they are unsure of, or something they need clarity on, and that’s where this new service comes in.

“We can answer questions on everything from diet and exercise to toenail care and insulin pumps so, if there’s anyone reading this who’s been scratching their head over something to do with their diabetes, we’d love to hear from them.”

The next drop-in clinic will take place on Tuesday 26 June between 10am and 12pm.

For more information on local support for diabetes, visit www.swindondiabetes.co.uk.