On Tuesday 1 January, the Great Western Hospital became a completely smokefree site, meaning smoking is no longer permitted anywhere on the hospital grounds. 

The move coincides with a national initiative to make all NHS sites smokefree.

Smoking, which is the leading cause of preventable ill health in England, will be prohibited anywhere across all areas of the Great Western Hospital, including in the car park and in vehicles either parked or moving around the site.

For patients, stopping smoking before or during a hospital visit can also speed up recovery and reduce the risk of complications. 

Julie Marshman, Chief Nurse at the Great Western Hospital, said: "Clean air is important for everyone, especially in a hospital environment.

"Making our Trust a no smoking site is the right thing to do for all of our staff, patients and visitors. 

"We understand that quitting smoking is a personal choice, but there are lots of resources available to help those who do want to give it up."

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