In response to public questions regarding the five Swindon GP practices working in partnership with IMH, the CCG provided the following response at its Governing Body meeting on Thursday 23 May. 

"In respect of the current situation with the IMH practices, the CCG has been actively monitoring the performance and information received by IMH, the Care Quality Commission, councillors and patients.

"The CCG is undertaking a formal contractual process in line with the NHS Contract Terms to assess the current and future position of the IMH group of practices.

"The next formal contract meeting is on Tuesday 28 May and will involve all the partners of the practices, as well as IMH senior management.

"This legal contractual process needs to be followed in order for the CCG to make any changes to the contract.

"The CCG has issued IMH with a remedial notice which contains assurance requirements.

"This, alongside the CQC reporting requirements and meetings with IMH senior staff, is informing the CCG of the current position.

"The CQC has also asked for weekly and monthly assurance on access times, clinical correspondence backlog processes and actions, complaints, risk management and staffing arrangements at Moredon Medical Centre.

"To note, the backlog of clinical correspondence is now down to below 20, with assurance that it will be cleared by the end of this week.

"There has been one incident of a patient who had a referral held up as a result of the backlog.

"A robust review has taken place and Duty of Candour completed. The CCG has been sighted on risk registers, clinical incidents logs and complaints logs.

"The CCG is also aware that IMH has a new Managing Director, Elaine Young, and are in the process of appointing a new Clinical Director for Swindon.

"The ongoing access issues that patients have in trying to get an appointment with the practice is still a major concern.

"In the past week, IMH has become aware of significant difficulties with the phone system and has informed the CCG of this.

"The phone provider is trying to resolve these issues and, at this time, there is no timeline for this resolution.

"Alongside this, the CCG has funded an external consultant to work with IMH to review the demand data for the hub and to work with them to model what the expected capacity should be in order to deliver a good quality service for patients.

"This work has just commenced.

"In summary, the CCG is intervening through its discussions and formal contract process and will be in a position to confirm next steps after the formal contract meeting on Tuesday 28 May."