Swindon's team of wheelchair therapists (Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists) work with children, young people and adults who have a long term disability and need manual or powered wheelchairs or specialist seating, for 6 months or more.

Your therapist/nurse will assess you for any equipment or living aids. 

Alternatively you can go onto the online self-assessment tool called Ask Sara

If you would like to purchase any mobility or living aids, please contact 0303 333 1460


Community Aids Equipment

Swindon Community Equipment Service delivers and installs a wide range of equipment and complete minor adaptations requisitioned by therapists and nurses. This service aims to aid hospital discharge, prevent hospital admission, support end of life choice, assist care professionals in their work, aid rehabilitation and recovery and enable children to attend schools.

The specialist aids and equipment include:

•Perching stools
•Grab rails
•Full hospital beds
•Dynamic mattresses
•Raised toilet seats
•Mobile hoists

Specialist aids and equipment can be purchased directly from the service, or can be used on a short term basis in conjunction with NHS Swindon.

Assistive Technology Aids 

Some children may require the use of assistive technology/educational aids e.g. Eye Gaze Software to operate a computer. The child or young person’s need for this equipment is assessed by the Advisory Teacher for Assistive Technology and purchased either directly through the supplier or via the Integrated Community Equipment Store. It is funded by the Local Authority using money it holds that is designated for schools.


70-80% of items are recycled through a decontamination system. When a child has finished using a particular piece of equipment, it can be returned, cleaned, serviced and re-used.

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