As outlined in the Communications and Engagement Strategy, the CCG's activity with its patients, members of the public and other stakeholders is guided by a number of key principles, all of which demonstrate that the CCG is working in the following ways: 



The CCG will show respect for the local population, avoid stereotyping and acknowledge the different needs of people from all backgrounds and walks of life. 


Developed in partnership

The CCG's work will be shared openly to ensure it gets the widest possible feedback and creates the strongest possible plans. 


Clear and professional

The CCG will show pride and authority in everything it does. 



The CCG will portray its work and current activities in a way that is current and up-to-date. 



The CCG will, wherever possible, go to where people are rather than expect them to come to it. 



The CCG will share information in ways that are easily understandable for local people. 



The CCG will avoid sharing misleading information or making false promises, and will always be honest with local people. 



The CCG will show that its budgets have been used wisely. 



The CCG's communications will be in line with the organisation's visions and values, as well as those of the wider NHS. 



The CCG will always listen to, and take on board, the views of the people it serves. 


Open to change

The CCG will not be afraid to apologise or make a change when things have gone wrong. 



The CCG will react quickly and fully to queries and questions raised by partner organisations, GP practices, patients and the public.