What are public consultations?

Public consultations give patients and local people a unique opportunity to use their voice to influence and shape the decision-making process around new and existing healthcare services in Swindon and Shrivenham.

Feedback from the public through consultations provides the CCG with valuable insight into its local community, which can then be used to help commission services that meet the needs of the population. 

All consultations carried out by Swindon CCG are done so openly and transparently, and in a way that makes the process accessible to all people.


What is engagement?

Engagement is the ongoing process of developing relationships with local people, so that their voices, thoughts, feelings and opinions can be heard and included as part the CCG's commissioning plans. 

The term engagement can also be used to describe any activity in which patients and members of the public are asked to give feedback on a specific topic. 


Current and recent consultations  

Between November 2018 and February  2019, Swindon CCG - along with colleagues at the CCGs in Bath and North East Somerset and Wiltshire - encouraged local people to take part in a consultation on proposed changes to maternity services across the region.

Although the public consultation ended on Sunday 24 February 2019, people can still find out about what happened, as well as the next steps, by visiting www.transformingmaternity.org.uk.  

Current and recent engagement

During December 2018, Swindon CCG appealed to local people to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions on the temporary closure of the town's Place of Safety Suite, which is used to detain people awaiting assessment after experiencing a mental health crisis. 

An online survey was created for people to give feedback, while Healthwatch Swindon also carried out direct telephone interviews with people who have experience of using the Place of Safety Suite. 

An evaluation report, which includes the findings of both surveys, can be viewed by clicking here


Supporting others with engagement

In November 2018, Swindon CCG held a one-day workshop in which local people could find out what is meant by engagement, the CCG's legal obligations in terms of involving local people and the different methods of engagement it uses. 

Click here to view the presentation used on the day.