At a meeting of the CCG Governing Body on Thursday 26 September, members voted in favour of the permanent closure of Swindon's health-based place of safety suite at Sandalwood Court. 

This followed a similar decision taken by the Governing Body of Wiltshire CCG, in relation to the health-based place of safety suite in Salisbury, at its meeting on Tuesday 24 September.

A statement from the CCG - in response to the decision - can be seen below:  

“While the CCG acknowledges the community’s strong support for retaining a place of safety in Swindon, the evidence put forward to the Governing Body – much of which was obtained through meaningful conversations with people who have real experience of using the service in both its current and former state – clearly shows that local people requiring future mental health support will be best served by maintaining a single facility in Devizes.  

“This move will not only ensure the necessary safety requirements called for by the Care Quality Commission can be achieved, but also that people being detained will have quicker access to professional mental health support in a location that is safe, secure and conducive to their wellbeing and overall recovery.

“The decision of the Governing Body – which mirrors the independent recommendation of a panel of Swindon and Wiltshire GPs, as well as that of the Swindon and Wiltshire Healthwatch organisations – will now be taken to the Swindon Adults’ Health, Adults’ Care and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee for formal endorsement by the group’s elected membership.”

Click here to view the papers that were presented to the Governing Body at the meeting on Thursday 26 September.