Phoenix Surgery in Toothill will soon join forces with a neighbouring GP practice in a move that draws a line under the involvement of the Integral Medical Holdings Group (IMH) with primary care in Swindon.

At a meeting of the CCG Governing Body on Thursday 26 September, members voted in favour of the permanent closure of Swindon's health-based place of safety suite at Sandalwood Court. 

The latest edition of News-Bites, the CCG's monthly newsletter, is available to read now. 

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will take on the provision of services at two Swindon GP practices previously managed by the Integral Medical Holdings Group (IMH).

Patients of Eldene Surgery will have the chance to say hello to their GP practice’s new provider organisation at a drop-in event next month.

Local people who were unable to attend the CCG's recent meetings on the Integral Medical Holdings (IMH) Group's involvement with primary care in Swindon are now able to catch up on what they missed. 

Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group is able to announce the first of the new providers that will offer long-term support to the GP practices previously involved with the Integral Medical Holdings (IMH) Group.

Older patients attending the Emergency Department or Linnet Acute Medical Unit at the Great Western Hospital have said the quality of their care has improved following the introduction of a more specialist approach to caring. 

Many pharmacies in Swindon will be closed on Monday 26 August for the late summer bank holiday.

Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group will hold two public meetings next month to give local people the chance to learn more about how five GP practices became involved with the Integral Medical Holdings (IMH) Group.