Medicines Optimisation Care Home Team

The Medicines Optimisation Care Home (MOCH) team support care and nursing homes in Swindon with medication ordering, queries and dietetic referrals and guidance.

We are a team of pharmacists, registered technicians, a dietitian and a dietetic assistant.

We work closely with local healthcare providers, including GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to empower care homes to care for their residents.



Good medicines management is essential within the nursing and care home environment.

Our team can help with medication reviews, out of stock medicines, quantity amendments and dosage changes for those residents who are struggling with their medicines.

We can provide training on homely remedies, fridge storage, stock management policies and much more.



Good nutritional care and support is integral to residents' health and wellbeing.

We provide training to care homes on how to meet the nutritional needs of the residents and undertake reviews of care plans to ensure nutritional status is optimised.

Please see below for some key guidance information on recognising malnutrition and food first ideas.

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