Mental health support in Swindon schools will continue to be open for referrals throughout the current coronavirus outbreak. 

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A trailblazer for children and young people's mental health

As part of the government's vision to expand mental health support for children and young people, Swindon has been chosen as one of only 25 sites in the country to pilot an exciting initiative that will see dedicated mental health support teams working directly with students in both schools and colleges across the town. 

The project, which is being delivered collaboratively by Swindon CCG and the charity Barnardo's, has been awarded £2.3 million in funding by NHS England. 


The role of mental health support teams

Mental health support teams will be able to work with children and young people in Swindon who experience mild to moderate forms of mental health and emotional wellbeing issues, such as anxiety, behavioural difficulties and friendship issues. Additionally, the teams will also work with school and college staff to help them provide better support to students. 

As part of the initial pilot, there will be three mental health support teams based in Swindon. Each team will have links with between 10 and 15 of the 42 different schools and colleges involved with the pilot, and will be made up of a lead Clinical Service Manager and a number of Educational Mental Health Practitioners, who will work directly with children and young people. 


What's happening now

Phase one of the pilot began in April 2019 with the Educational Mental Health Practitioners working in five selected secondary schools. The next phase, due to begin in September 2019, will see the EHMPs start working with a further ten primary schools. All remaining schools and colleges will come on board during phase three of the pilot, which is due to start in January 2020. 

As the pilot develops, children and young people will be encouraged to get involved with shaping and developing the service. This engagement work will be carried out with support from the Swindon Ten to Eighteen Project (STEP) and parent support group Swindon SEND Families Voice. 



For further information on the project, call the Barnardo's Team on 01793 957904 or email the CCG at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.